15 Techniques for Negotiating with Car Dealerships

Car seller with couple in car dealershipPhoto by Deposit Photos


2. Remember the Rules of Kindergarten

Many a good car deal has been lost due to the person looking to buy the vehicle being extremely rude. If you remember the rules taught in Kindergarten on how to treat other people (ie be polite), then your car buying experience will not only be less stressful, but you will also likely find yourself with a better overall deal than if you enter the dealership with a chip on your shoulder. Most of the car salesmen and women encounter a large number of rude consumers throughout their normal workweek. When they encounter a person looking to buy a new car who is nice and respectful, you will likely find that they will be more than happy to push the boundaries of what they can do for you to make a deal. Many times, if you take an aggressive stance with the salesperson, you will encounter an equivalent attitude in response.

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