14 Things You Should Know About Driverless Cars

car parkPhoto by ChrisPerriman


2. Self-Driving Cars Provide a Large Number of Advantages Once Widely Adopted

Once driverless automobiles see widespread adoption, there are a number of big advantages experts expect to see from the new technology. Due to the increased reliability and faster reaction time as compared to a human driver, a self-driving automobile will be involved in much fewer car accidents that we see today. Similarly, it is expected that overall congestion on the roadways will be reduced once self-driving autos outnumber those driven by humans. This will also allow the capacity supported by roadways to be increased while also increasing the overall speed limit for autonomously driven vehicles. Additionally, today’s parking problems become overcome by events when driverless autos are the primary means of driving in the future. Instead of fighting for close parking at an event, it is expected that one will be able to have the vehicle drop you off and park in open spots further from the event one is attending until the vehicle is required for pick-up. The overall ride in a self-driving car will also be smoother allowing occupants to enjoy the ride and focus on other activities if desired.


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