Top Ten Fastest 6-Cylinder Cars

By Jonathan Albee
Noble M12 GTO 3R 2003Photo by Martin Pettitt


10. Noble M12 GTO-3R

Top Speed: 170 mph
Zero to Sixty: 3.5 seconds

Built by British auto maker Noble, the M12 GTO-3R is one quick machine. Equipped with a Ford Duratec Alloy Twin-Turbocharged V6 engine, the Noble M12 GTO-3R can hit speeds up to 170 mph. The V6 engine puts out 360 horsepower with 358 lb-ft of twist, and is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. All that power allows the Noble M12 GTO-3R to go from zero to sixty in an impressive 3.5 seconds. The Noble M12 GTO-3R’s exterior is custom made to be aerodynamic enough to handle the wind resistance as it flies down the street, this also gives the car an exotic look. Precision handling delivers a tight and fun driving experience, and the suspension is fine tuned to handle anything the road throws at it.


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