What Buying A Ferrari Did To My Life


Crazy, Crazy Stuff

It made me feel (and occasionally act) like a crazy person. I was obsessed, not only with buying it, but also with keeping it safe and sound (see? Madness.) It made me worried, exhausted, a bit disappointed in myself (“How could I allow myself to fall for it this way?”) It consumed a lot of our money. And no one knows what the future brings. Therefore, more worry and a touch of guilty conscience.

I got a really good deal, and I did not spend TOO much money on it, although I can’t say it wasn’t expensive. And speaking of money – suddenly, everyone is trying to borrow money from me. And I keep trying to explain a very simple thing: How the hell can I lend them money? How can anyone expect me to have any money left?! I just bought a freaking Ferrari! I could easily ask them to lend me some money, but I think that would seem a bit arrogant.

Anyway, owning a Ferrari also had (and still has) some great effects on my life. I am talking about things like these: It helps you see people clearly. It is now easy to tell who wants to hang out with you just to feel “classy” and be seen in a Ferrari.

It also helps you with your old friends: it helps you see if they are really happy for you, or they suddenly envy you. It also shows how much your family loves you. They must love you, if they were able to put up with all the Ferrari madness, and the fact that you spent all that money on “a car”?! And then you start explaining to them that it is not just a car!!! It is a Ferrari F430 Spider, with 490 hp, supernatural performance… you know, made in heaven.


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