What Buying A Ferrari Did To My Life


Excitement and Hormonal Madness

I found a great Ferrari F430 Spider, just the one that I’ve always dreamed of. And I got a great deal on it. The car is in perfect condition, looks amazing, sounds amazing, and simply… is amazing.

The night before I went to the shop to buy it, I couldn’t sleep. I had to take some Valium to calm down and get to sleep, but Valium didn’t do anything. I managed to sleep one hour maybe, and I had a nightmare: in my dream, the car I wanted was sold, but they offered me a very similar Ferrari. When I saw it, it was in terrible condition, falling apart. The guy in my dream said: “We will give you a great price for it.” I woke up struggling for breath.

That morning, I was so exhausted, that I could barely walk. However, nothing could stop me. I went to the bank to make sure that everything was ready, and then ran off to the shop. I barely had the energy to say Hello to the sales guy; all the energy I had was suddenly consumed by the feeling that came over me when I saw the car.

Of course it sounds crazy. It IS crazy. But that was nothing compared to the madness I went through the day after.

That was the day when the car was delivered to me. I could not wait. I couldn’t sleep, even though I was freaking tired. I had to have sex, and then I had to masturbate several more times, just to stop the hormonal madness that was going on in my system. After all, that’s the good old trick, right? To reduce the stress and relieve the tension – have sex. Well, I needed more than that. I was high on dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline. And once again, Valium did not help one little bit. It is hard to explain. But the story has just started. Go to the next page.


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