What Buying A Ferrari Did To My Life


Everyone Loves You More Than Ever

Like, the folks that hated you for owning a Cayenne, now love love love you. You know what I mean. They hate you even more, but they look like they love you more than they love their own children. They say Hi and smile, and you have no idea who they are. (They also don’t know who you are, but they know you have a Ferrari).

I was never too social, but I have a few friends, and that is enough for me. People wanted to hang out with me before the Ferrari, for various reasons, some of which were acceptable and logical. But now, everyone is trying to get closer, and that is seriously annoying. The as*holes of this world are now being even bigger as*holes, showing their true lying faces. If anything annoys me, it is a fake smile and hypocrisy. I don’t like superficial people. I know, it sounds contradictory… I mean, you could easily call me superficial for falling in love with a car (say it, it’s OK!).


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