What Buying A Ferrari Did To My Life


Sh*t. I Can’t Keep It In The Living Room

So, I started being a little crazy. Just the thought of the guy who parks next to my car, scratching the Ferrari was driving me INSANE. He did it to the Cayenne a couple of times. Of course, I paid for the paint job. He stopped scratching my Porsche, and I stopped thinking about it.

But now I started thinking about it all over again. It was a nightmare to think about it. The problem is not paying for the paint job. The problem is an as*hole who probably parks his car using his foot instead of his hand on the steering wheel.

So, even though I was dead tired (I couldn’t sleep, remember?), I started running around, trying to neighbor-proof my parking space. I had to do it before the car was delivered. I decided to buy one of those posts you simply attach to the ground, you lift them to create a barrier, and put them down when you need to drive out. However, the only shop nearby was out (wtf?!), so I had to wait for a week. That was hell. I spent that week going to the garage several times a day, just to make sure the car was unscratched.

Then it hit me: I can protect the Spider from the neighbor, but I can’t protect it from every single driver in the world. There will always be a possibility of someone scratching it, accidentally or on purpose, or smashing it – and I can’t do anything to prevent that. And so…


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