The 15 Most Stolen Cars

Are you insecure about your ’92 Mitsubishi? When you see the owner of the legendary Honda Accord descending, do you turn your face away, hiding in shame? Do you know that they will snarl in condescension of your pitiful clunker? Well, you need not worry and you may find a glimmer of hope in the reality that these spectacular vehicles are carrying more than wealthy passengers. They are chauffeuring a gamble. There are a number of cars that are intrinsically more likely to be stolen. Rejoice – while your clunker breaks down on the side of the road on a cold winter day, these car owners (men such as Quentin Tarantino) will be hailing a taxi.
Honda Accord Wallpaper CarPhoto by hdcarwallfx


1. The Honda Accord

It should not surprise you to learn that the very same reasons that people buy a car are the reasons that people steal a car. Since the Honda Accord is the most reliable vehicle, it is also the most likely to convoke the interest of professional thieves. Since the Accord is #1 purchased vehicle, it is also the #1 stolen vehicle. This has led developers to install a unique key code without which the engine will not start. Nonetheless, the Accord is still sought after. While the newly developed key code will deter the average thief, professional car thieves continue to adapt their skills to new technology. Just as there are experts working for the car companies, there are also experts among the thieves. Owners of the accord should be wary of routinely leaving their vehicle in public or parked out in the open. People are watching. People are taking note.


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