What Buying A Ferrari Did To My Life


Common Sense? What Do You Mean?

As I said before, I managed to find some sense in this whole Ferrari thing.


One, it is an investment. You buy it, take good care of it, and someday, if you have to, you can sell it for a good price. You can also rent it out. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of hassle, and most Ferrari owners would hate to let other folks drive their cars. I am just saying it’s an option.

Two, your kids can inherit it, and by that time, it will be a classic, which will only increase its value.

Three, I don’t go on vacations, I work a lot, and live in a rather passive and quiet place, with not much fun going on. So, I thought, If I have this one thing that I can really enjoy, I will feel less bored (sometimes even depressed!) in this environment. I thought to myself: “I will enjoy it the same way people enjoy their normal hobbies.”

Now, I had to think about parking. You see, I live in an expensive but small country. We lack space – especially parking space. We live in a building where we own only one parking space, and it is impossible to rent another. I had an option to keep the Ferrari in the garage, and the Cayenne outside, in front of the garage. However, I love my Cayenne and I did not have the heart to let it freeze outside. I intend to use it for a long time, and when the time comes to sell it, I want it to be in good condition. So, I had to find a parking space for the Cayenne. It was hard to find a good parking space that wasn’t too far from our building. But hey, when you’re crazy in love, there is no such thing as “impossible”.

Speaking of impossible, I also had to talk to my family and explain that this purchase made perfect sense. And then it started…


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