16 Things to Consider When Buying a New Car

2011 Cadillac CTS & DTSPhoto by That Hartford Guy


2. Know What the Dealer Paid for the Car

In the connected world that everyone lives in today, it is a straightforward task to determine how much auto dealers pay for the vehicles that consumers see on the lot. This information used to be protected better than military secrets; however, one can use various auto valuation websites to ascertain the amount paid for the vehicle by the dealership. Current regulations in the United States require the dealer to provide this information on request as well. With this information in hand, a recommended starting point for consumer negotiations is to offer $500 more than the dealer paid for the vehicle when starting this phase of the purchase process. If the brand of auto is extremely popular, the car dealer may not be willing to sell for this price, but it is a recommended starting point for most auto purchases.


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