10 Things Not To Do at A Car Show

BADEN-BADEN, GERMANY – JULY 13: “FRAZER NASH REPLIKA” (1934) at The International Exhibition of old cars "Internationales Oldtimer-Meeting Baden-Baden" on July 13, 2012 in Baden-Baden, Germany.Photo by Deposit Photos


8. Do Not Always Try to ‘One-Up’ Car Owners

If there is a trait amongst car owners at a car show that is common with just about everyone, it’s the disdain for show attendees or other car owners who have always done something just a little better. Whether it’s a direct critique of an automobile, or talking shop about how to groom or change out an engine component, you should always be sensitive to the fact of possibly coming across as a “know it all” when you don’t mean to do so. Sometimes it takes a friend to be a friend if you have “that guy” in your group at a car show, but if you find yourself in that position, please do the right thing. Not only will your friend be more enjoyable to hang out with, but the show will definitely be more fun for everyone.


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