10 Things Not To Do at A Car Show

Crowd in the exhibition hall at Geneva Motor Show 2015Photo by Deposit Photos


9. Do not be Rude to the Local Businesses near the Show

Many young car owners who start showing their ride at car shows forget that the local businesses near the show play a big part in allowing the show to happen. If you missed the life lesson that you should always clean-up after yourself, ensuring that you leave behind no trash at the end of a car show is a great first step to being welcomed by the local businesses in the area. The show location is also not the appropriate location for your buddies and yourself to down a case or three of beer after the show. No matter how witty or smart you think you might be, you can rest assured that you are likely just coming across as a drunken “a-hole,” and could have a negative impact on future car shows or meets being able to be held at the location in the future.


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