10 Things Not To Do at A Car Show

eavesdropping and secrets - girls and man beside old carsPhoto by Deposit Photos


3. Avoid Public Criticism of a Show Car

Another big no-no at a car show is to publicly criticize one of the show cars unless you are asked to provide a critique to a car owner. It does not matter if you have just seen a car that looks like it has never been cleaned, is ugly, or looks like it does not belong, the rules everyone learned in kindergarten apply. If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything. If an auto owner has taken the time to pay the entry fee and bring their car to the show, then they likely love their car, and do not need to hear you talk negatively about their ride. If you are asked to provide a critique, it is best to keep your feedback classy so you avoid hurting the owner’s feelings.


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