10 Things Not To Do at A Car Show

Smiling happy children in car with thumb upPhoto by Deposit Photos


2. Watch Your Children

Bringing your kids to the car show is not like taking them to the local playground. At the show, one of the most important things not to do is let your children run around touching the cars, sit in them, or throw their toys or other items at the automobiles. This is one of the most violated of the unwritten rles for attending a car show, and you should make sure that you don’t find your family violating it.. If you are showing a car, it is appropriate to let you kids run around your own car, but most auto owners who like to show their vehicle also like to use it as an excuse to not have their kids around. If you are in doubt on what to let your kids do, just think of taking them to the show as similar to going to an antique store and you will keep everyone happy.


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