10 Cars Ideal for City Driving

MiNi Cooper S Countryman ALL4 2015Photo by RL GNZLZ


9. Mini Cooper 4-door

The Mini Cooper S features a 189-hp, 2.0-liter turbo four cylinder with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic that provides enough zip to make any driver happy. Able to go from zero to sixty in 6.2 seconds, the Mini Cooper S is no slouch, and the small size allows for nimble handling. The suspension is fine tuned, allowing the Mini Cooper S to navigate corners with ease, all the while giving a smooth ride one would expect. Body roll is non-existent when making hard turns. Of the two available transmissions, the six-speed automatic is a little bit quicker. When using the paddles to shift the Mini Cooper utilizes sport shift mapping, which in some tests shaved off two tenths from the zero to sixty time, bringing it to an even 6 seconds. The small size of the Mini Cooper make it great for the big city, getting into tight spaces with ease, and then racing out of them when it’s time to go.


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