10 Cars Ideal for City Driving

Ford C-MAX EnergiPhoto by Ford España


3. Ford C-Max Energi

Based on the critically praised Focus, the Ford C-Max Energi is a fun to drive alternative to typically boring hybrids. The Energi is the plug-in version, which ups the battery capacity to extend the electric only range (which is a must if you are in a large city and are prone to long stints in traffic). Steering is firm and responsive, and the suspension is well built, giving very little body roll when cornering. The 4 cylinder engine is coupled with a pair of electric motors to provide decent acceleration. The gas mileage is an estimated 44 mpg combined average, which means far less time refueling and more time driving where you need to go. The spacious interior provides exceptional comfort and legroom for all passengers, so carpooling is a definite option.


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