16 of the Best Used Cars to Buy Today

Toyota Prius 2012 ExteriorPhoto by Toyota Motor Europe


1. Toyota Prius

The second generation Toyota Prius is one of the best used cars to buy on the market today. Toyota addressed many of the short-comings with the first generation o the automobile, and the cabin of the vehicle now features room equivalent to a mid-sized automobile without lengthening the car. The third generation of the Prius debuted in 2010 changing the design of the dashboard and making the driver’s seat height adjustable so taller drivers will be more comfortable in the automobile. Most consumers buy the Prius for its fuel economy which is rated at 51 MPG (city) and 48 MPG (highway), and Toyota has improved the power of the engine to the point that newer models are now rated at 98 horsepower and can go from zero to 60 MPH in 10.0 seconds with a top overall speed of 115 MPH. Prius batteries are rated for a 10 year lifespan, so one should do their homework when buying a used Prius approaching this age.


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