Top 15 Supercars On American Roads

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392Photo by Official Mopar


3. Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

Dodge introduced the third generation of Challenger in 2008 and gave it the SRT8 392 engine in 2011. “SRT” stands for “Street & Racing Technology,” Chrysler’s high-performance division, “392” for displacement in cubic inches. The SRT8 392 graces the Challenger platform with an eight-cylinder, 6,400-cc, 470-horsepower Chrysler Hemi® engine  named after its hemispherically-shaped combustion chamber. The five-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmissions complement the car’s big Brembo brakes, stiff suspension, and steering that gives drivers a good feel for road conditions. An eight-speed automatic transmission replaces the five-speed for the 2015 model year. The Challenger SRT8 accelerates to 60 mph from a parked start in under 4.5 seconds.

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