The 20 Least Safe Cars of 2015

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15. Nissan Quest

The Nissan Quest scored “poor” in the small overlap front test, and “acceptable” in the roof strength test. These scores led to a low overall safety score. The roof was only able to withstand 3.36 times the weight of the vehicle before crushing 5 inches, short of the required 4 times the weight to earn a good rating. In the small overlap front test, the driver’s space was severely compromised by intruding structure. Lower interior intrusion measured as much as 59 cm at the lower hinge pillar. The parking brake pedal was pushed back 40 cm toward the driver. Upper interior intrusion measured as much as 48 cm at the hinge pillar and 47 cm at the instrument panel. The steering column was pushed back 21 cm. The dummy’s left lower leg was trapped between the seat and instrument panel and its right foot was trapped between the brake pedal and intruded toepan. Measurements from the dummy indicated that injury to the left thigh, left knee, left lower leg, and foot would all be likely in a crash of this severity. Due to the major structural intrusion, key components of the restraint system couldn’t be tested. The intruding instrument panel and steering wheel essentially pinned the dummy’s head in a narrow space between the seat back and frontal airbag during much of the crash. In addition to moving rearward, the steering column moved upward 14 cm, resulting in little airbag cushioning for the chest.


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