14 Of The Worst Cars Ever Shown At The Detroit Auto Show

2002- Lincoln Blackwood Front Three QuarterPhoto by wasatchautoaccessories


3. Lincoln Blackwood (1999)

The Lincoln Blackwood was a case of bad engineering gone wrong. It was really nothing more than a super expensive Ford F-Series truck with a Lincoln badge slapped on it. They didn’t expect anyone to want to take the “luxury” truck off-roading, so they weren’t designed with a suspension that could handle it. They weren’t even offered with four-wheel drive! The exterior of the bed was covered in a vinyl decal instead of paint, and the decal was meant to look like black wood with aluminium pinstripes on it. To make the truck even more bizarre, they redid the bed as a trunk, finished in stainless steel, thick carpet and topped with a power tonneau. The Blackwood made it to production, but only for a few years before Lincoln gave up on it.

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