The 14 Cars With the Lowest Insurance Rates

Jeep Patriot 2.4 Sport 2013Photo by RL GNZLZ


3. Jeep Patriot Sport Crossover

The Patriot is another SUV that is cheap to insure because of its safety. The Patriot is meant to take on a variety of terrain, so it has legendary stability and traction that will prevent accidents in the slippery situations where they are most likely to occur. In addition, the Jeep Patriot Sport Crossover is one of the more reinforced vehicles on the market because it is used so often for off-roading and sporting activities. Its roof and sides are reinforced, meant to withstand a rollover or collision.

When occupants are likely to walk away unscathed from a variety of collisions, insurance companies are willing to cut rates. This car is a sure bet both for your wallet and your daily safety.

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