16 Most Affordable Convertibles Sold Today

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2. Audi A5

Starting price: $40,925

The Audi A5 convertible is priced at the upper-end of the affordable convertibles on the market; however, it is one of the highest performing cars on the market. The A5 features a turbocharged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine that is rated at 220 horsepower. The car comes stock with a six-speed manual transmission but consumers can elect to get an eight-speed automatic transmission added to the car as an option when buying the vehicle new. Featuring all-wheel drive, the A5’s engine is rated at 258 ft-lb of torque and the auto sees a 21 MPG (city) and 29 MPG (highway) fuel efficiency rating. For those who enjoy their music, the car comes with the Audi Concert System featuring a number of options that you can include with the car to maximize one’s driving experience.

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