17 Top German Cars Sold in America

Porsche Panamera in motionPhoto by Axion23


2. Porsche Panamera

Starting price: $78,100

Porsche has sold a large number of auto models in their time in business in the United States; however, the Panamera is one of their top performing sedans sold in the United States today. One of the most flexible models sold by the company in its history, the Panamera offers consumers the choice between two wheelbase lengths, and several powertrain options. These range from both a twin-turbo and a non-turbo six cylinder, an eight cylinder engine, and a plug-in hybrid rated at 416 horsepower. The non-hybrid version of the car’s fuel efficiency is rated at 16 MPG (city) and 23 MPG (highway). The Panamera can go from zero to 60 MPH in 4.0 seconds at a 430 horsepower rating and a top overall speed of 175 MPH.


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