The Top 15 Vehicles With The Best Resale Value

2016 Honda Fit Design and SpecsPhoto by faza_elh


3. Honda Fit

It’s easy to think of sub-compact cars as cheap, and in the strictest sense the Honda Fit does have a low sticker price. You might be surprised, however, to discover that it holds on to more than 61-percent of its initial sale price at the three-year mark. That makes it easily the best in its class for resale value.

The Fit includes a number of versatile seating and storage options, allowing it to accommodate up to five passengers or haul more than 20 cubic feet of cargo. For budget conscious drivers, it has an astonishing amount of appeal, and its relatively high city fuel economy of 27 mpg doesn’t hurt either. Acceleration is quick, and the 117 horsepower motor is plenty of muscle to pull along a smaller frame.

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