The Top 15 Vehicles With The Best Resale Value



2. Toyota Tacoma

It’s increasingly hard to find a proper small pick-up truck these days, and that fact alone keeps a lot of folks looking around for the Tacoma in the aftermarket. The Tacoma is an impressively well-balanced truck that makes the most of utility, fuel economy and off-road capabilities. It’s good in nearly all settings, so long as you don’t try to kill it by asking it to handle a bigger rig’s job. The Tacoma is known to retain around 75-percent of its original value at the time of resale.

The restyling of the 2016 may hurt the near-term value of older models, since they will now start to look a bit older. The Tacoma, however, remains a very practical option for folks who are looking for reliability, efficiency and utility. That means that the older models are likely to be good contenders when it comes time to measure their ten-year resale value too, and the Toyota brand name never hurts in the aftermarket.

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