14 Best Convertibles Under $40k

2011 Camaro ConvertiblePhoto by Automotive Rhythms


3. Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Price: $37,295

The Chevy Camaro is In the same price range as the Mustang and courts the same audience. The sixth generation Camaro convertible is not just divorced from the old Firebird. It doesn’t share much in common with any vehicles in the lineup. So with an all new beginning, the Camaro easily answers the challenge that the Ford Mustangs posed. The Camaro convertible often exceeds its Spartan neighbor with its inventory of turbo-charged 4-cylinder, V6 and V8 engines. It has even given the Corvette a run for it’s money. The Camaro’s new sixth generation styling turns many heads. The ordinary people who love it get some convincing power. Because it’s built on a lighter chassis, the Camaro convertible responds quicker and corners faster. The suspension gives drivers one of the softest, most comfortable rides found in a convertible, according to Chevrolet engineers. Chevy is proud of it rag-top. It opens and closes mechanically, and will do so at 30 mph.


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