14 Best Convertibles Under $40k

Yvnvw 1 BPhoto by gvgoebel


5. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Price: $25,490

The VW bug convertible found its way into this country because people wanted it for the gas mileage. Then many believers fell for its funky counter-culture identity. VW dropped the bug completely from the lineup when they went up-market, but they brought it back. They reasoned that the old crowd got rich, but mid-life angst drove them to buy a bug again. These tales embarrasses boomers, but listen to its present marketing. “You can get a breath of fresh air before the turbo charged engine whizzes you away. There must be something green about it, though the mileage is a rather middling 24/30 mpg. VW equipped it with an automatic top-dropper, and equated it to a lot of fun. It certainly looks like fun. In the same price range, the Mini Cooper convertible looks like a bit more fun, but the Volkswagen is probably more mechanically reliable.


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