14 Best Convertibles Under $40k

Smart fortwoPhoto by Dave Pinter


11. Smart Fortwo Convertible

Price: $17,700

The Smart car company produces micro cars like the Fortwo. It even offers a rag-top version, although it’s only a cloth sunroof that pushes back to the rear deck. Micro-cars are half a car length long and narrower than standard cars. With the convertible, the pillars and cross frames stay, enclosing the cab. If you look hard at a profile of a Fortwo, you’ll wonder where the trunk went to. It doesn’t exist. With a turbo-charged 3-cylinder engine, the Smart Fortwo drop top produces as much horse power as the 1988 Mazda B2200 pickup, that is, about 90 hp. Combined with a widened body, wide enough to comfortably seat two people, the Fortwo has become an acceptable form of transportation. The seats are comfortable. The car’s incredibly easy to park. Though advertised as a city car, it reportedly takes to the open highway without alarming the occupants.


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