20 Used Cars To Avoid

2007 Saturn Relay in Martinez,GaPhoto by Gerald Jones Honda


15. Saturn Relay

Some people might not even know this vehicle exists. The Saturn Relay was produced between 2005 and 2007 before being shelved. The style design was criticised by reviewers and the sales were dismal. As a used car, the Relay is terribly unreliable. Forums show owners have issues with almost every area when it comes to the Relay. The check engine light illuminates often, power steering hoses leak, corrosion on the fuel tank causes fuel leaks, starting problems, electrical problems, ABS system malfunctions, and more. The front brake pads commonly wear unevenly, causing rotor issues and in some cases calipers need to be replaced. The Relay was a flop when it was new, and it’s a bad choice for a used car. There are plenty of better quality minivans out there to choose from.


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