20 Used Cars To Avoid

PIC 1825Photo by Antonio TwizShiz Edward


9. Pontiac Aztek

This weird looking car was built between 2001 and 2005 by Pontiac. The boxy shape and terrible paint color options caused a lot of criticism, but the vehicle did work well as a crossover. Large cargo area and plenty of features enticed some people to purchase the Aztek, and the success of the TV show Breaking Bad breathed new life into the vehicle as a popular used car purchase. Sadly the vehicle didn’t fare well as time took it’s toll, and the 2002 model year in particular was plagued with problems. Specifically the electrical system of the 2002 Aztek had major issues according to Carcomplaints.com. Problems from the car refusing to start, to motor mounts rubbing through wiring harnesses are reported by owners of the vehicle. If you absolutely need to have an Aztek, stay far away from the 2002 model year.


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