20 Used Cars To Avoid

Chevrolet Aveo RS Show Car: A Wake-Up Call for the U.S. Small-Car SegmentPhoto by gmeurope


7. Chevrolet Aveo

The Aveo was replaced by the Chevrolet Sonic in 2012, and it couldn’t have come soon enough. The Aveo was a subcompact car with few redeeming qualities. Outside of a low price and high gas mileage, the Aveo didn’t bring much to the table. A tiny 103 horsepower engine made driving feel like a chore, especially when climbing steep hills. The interior was covered in cheap plastic, reminding you of how low end the vehicle is every time you got climbed into it. On top of the poor qualities of the vehicle when new, the Aevo is known for having problems with the fuel system, brakes, and audio system. The Aveo wasn’t a car that you should have bought new, and it didn’t get any better with age.


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