The 15 Ugliest Cars on the Road

2014 Nissan CubePhoto by Eddie Phạm


2. Nissan Cube

They say it is “hip to be square”, but having a cube shaped car is not going to make you popular any time soon. The Nissan Cube is obviously designed by someone who has OCD, because there is no real reason that a car should be designed to have all right angles. In fact, if you cover up the windows of the car and paint it white with a blue and red strip, it could easily pass as a mail truck. If the only issues with this car were the weirdly symmetrical design, it may not have made this list, but the wrap around windows assured that the Cube made it to the top of our ugly list. The Nissan Cube comes in a variety of colors, but none of the options, whether they are solid or more creative, do any justice to this oddball.

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