The 15 Ugliest Cars on the Road

2014 bmw i3 6 | WallpaperDownload.infoPhoto by dynamicpictures2013


12. BMW i3

One, uniform color on your car is so passé. The electricity powered BMW i3 can sport up to three distinct colors and has a uniquely strange, misshapen design. The front is bullfrog bulbous, with a rear that slopes downwardly, not unlike a tadpole’s bottom. This is one of the few offerings in BMW’s model lines where the classical BMW grill looks decidedly unattractive. The hood is typically a uniform black that differentiates it from almost any other un-modified car on the road. The fog lights are set in a black colored, “P” shaped depression in the excessively large front bumper. When viewed from the front, the fog light assembly with its black background kind of makes the whole bumper look like it’s sporting a hipster goatee. Not good, BMW.


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