The 15 Ugliest Cars on the Road

2016 Scion IQ Review and EnginePhoto by faza_elh


3. Scion iQ

The Scion IQ does not look like a car that someone with a high intelligence would drive. In fact, it looks more like a small circus car that you would expect to see a dozen clowns bursting out of the windows. If you look at the car from above, it looks small and squat, with almost insect like features. It is even complete with a back antenna, much like the stinger on the back end of a wasp. If you look at the Scion iQ from a head on point of view, make sure to open the car doors. Taking this step will give the car a goofy set of ears to accompany that the cartoonish looking front and complete the face. This obscurely designed car comes in colors such as burnt sienna and neon yellow.

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