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15 Cutest Cars for Teenage Girls

Photo by Toyota Motor Europe 1. Toyota Yaris Price: $16,780 One of the cutest cars for teenage girls is certainly the Toyota Yaris. Besides being a fun car to drive, the Yaris features a quirky design and is very affordable when buying the base model. It is quite OK when it comes to to consumption,…

15 Cars That Get 35 Miles per Gallon

The 2015 BMW 328d is one of the best cars that get 35 miles per gallon on the market today. The car is available for purchase by consumers as either a compact sedan or a wagon.

10 Classic Cars Versus Their Modern Iterations

By Brian Corey There are many long running nameplates in the automotive industry, but not all of them have been improved or refined over their years of production. Different models spent years on a shelf, continued production over time under many different manufacturers, or had some pretty awkward teenage years. Today we’re going to take…