25 Great Vehicles From The 2016 Detroit Auto Show

2016 BMW M2 Release Date, Specs, Price, Engine and RumorsPhoto by faza_elh


3. BMW M2

After the success of the BMW 1-series M Coupe, it was a no brainer for BMW to try to catch lightning in a bottle again with the 2-series M Coupe, or M2 for short. Rear wheel drive, 365 horsepower, and a manual transmission (something that is being offered less and less with sports cars) the M2 is a car enthusiast’s dream. The M2’s cooling system is heavily modified to be able to handle a race track environment and the dual-clutch gearbox has its own oil cooler. The zero to sixty time is listed at 4.4 seconds and top speed is governed at 155 mph. The suspension is expertly tuned to be able to handle harsh cornering and rough roads and the Active M Differential (an electronically controlled rear diff.) keeps the car stable when hitting corners at high speeds.

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