14 Great Cars No One Bought

2013 Cadillac ATSPhoto by Automotive Rhythms


2. Cadillac ATS

Cadillac has come a long way since its days of making overly glitzy vehicles. They moved away from cars that simply looked flashy to cars that are well built and in many cases better than the competition. Pound for pound the Cadillac ATS is a better vehicle than the BMW vehicles it gets compared to. Great responsiveness, sumptuous interior, high end luxury car power, the ATS has it all. Even with all the great features buyers seem to pay this great vehicle no mind, instead looking in the direction of BMW. A total of 29,890 units were sold in 2014. That may not seem like a disappointment, but the BMW 3-series almost surpassed that number in December alone. Hopefully over time as the ATS continues wowing reviewers its sales will increase.

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