What Buying A Ferrari Did To My Life

At the time I bought the Ferrari, I already owned a Porsche Cayenne. I still own it, since I wouldn’t be able to function without it. As you know, the Cayenne is a powerful and large SUV, and I have a family; we live in a place with lots of snow, so I really need it. I have always been happy with the Cayenne. In addition to being a high quality vehicle, the Cayenne is also classy. And you know how superficial people can be, so if you drive a Cayenne, they look at you with certain kind of respect, they take you seriously, and of course, they spice it all with envy. Now, the real question is: if I was so happy with the Cayenne, why the hell did I buy the Ferrari in the first place? Well, to find out, go to the next page.

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