10 Best Selling American Cars of All Time

The Oldsmobile 88Photo by NCBrian


9. Oldsmobile 88

Introduced in 1949 and removed from production in 1999, the Oldsmobile 88 is the 9th highest selling car in U.S. history with 8.8 million units sold. Appealing to the younger generation when released, the Oldsmobile 88 became an instant success. The Oldsmobile Rocket 88 is regarded as the first muscle car and the 88 dominated the NASCAR racing circuit in the early years of its life, inspiring the song Rocket 88 sung by Ike Turner. Years later the Oldsmobile 88 became associated with larger luxury models aimed at older buyers, the company even renamed it “Eighty-Eight,” in an effort to appear more adult. Sadly Oldsmobile’s sales dwindled and the company stopped production of the vehicle in 1999, five years before the company itself closed its doors for good.

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