Automobile Recalls: This Year’s Top 10 Models May Surprise You



3. Retro Recall- Chevrolet Malibu

GM has had the most recalls of its models since 2004, according to data analysis conducted by TIME. The type of models and repetitive recalls in the course of a year are shocking. Chevrolet Malibu is an unexpected recall because it affects owners who have a 16 year old model as well as newer models. All Malibus dating back to 1997 up to and including 2005 are part of the recall. The defective ignition switch causes unintentional movement if too much pressure is put on it while traveling on a rough patch of road. The switch could go into the “off” position, causing power to be cut to air bags in the event of a crash. Sixteen years is a very long time to own a car with this type of defect.

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