9 Cars That Are Closest To F1

355 F1 BerlinettaPhoto by Macrike


3. Ferrari 355 F1

355 is one the most loved modern Ferraris. Introduced in 1994, it replaced the 348 model. An improvement in virtually every way,  355 combined a gorgeous and dramatic Pininfarina-designed exterior with increased performance and better real-world drivability. The V-8-powered, mid-engine sports car was offered in coupe (Berlinetta), convertible (Spyder) and removable-hard-top (Targa) versions. The 355’s “F1” model is notable for offering one of the first examples of a “flappy paddle” gearbox in a road car. This Formula 1-developed technology allowed for ultra-fast, clutch-free shifting via steering-wheel-mounted paddles.

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