20 Favorite Technologies in New Trucks and SUVs


3. Android Auto

Android Auto is gaining traction support across most major auto manufacturers for support out the door at the dealership. The project is a smartphone projection standard developed by Google to allow mobiles driven by Android to operate in the vehicle through the dashboard’s heads up display. The app integrates the mobile with the auto fully delivering music playback, GPS mapping and navigation, hands-free operation through voice commands, and compatibility with most of the popular radio apps on the market today to include Spotify, Songza, TuneIn, and iHeart Radio. The full integration of the phone into the infotainment system of the auto helps the auto owner keep his or her technology as up to date as the mobile allows vice having to deal with a somewhat outdated and closed system within a few years of purchase. For trucks and SUVs that do not offer native support for the app, there are a number of aftermarket systems available for installation that do across all makes and models of auto.

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