Ten Things You Should Know About The 2016 BMW 7 Series

2016 BMW 7 Redesign and PricePhoto by faza_elh


6. New Features To iDrive

The new 7 Series will come equipped with the new version of BMW’s iDrive interface. The new version will have a touchscreen that responds to touch on the dash-mounted display, as well as having the standard rotary controller on the center console. The screen will also allow you to control the air vent settings or activate the heated seats; although you still need to use the knobs on the dash to adjust temperature. Wireless charging for smartphones is available in the center console as well and the Bluetooth system has a second microphone, allowing passengers to take part in phone calls. All the features BMW owners are used to having with the iDrive interface will still be available, so you won’t feel lost when trying to learn the new system.


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