The 12 Most Manly Off-Road Vehicles You Can Buy

Land Rover 13 MY LR2 | Premium New Look And FeelPhoto by landrovermena


2. Land Rover LR2

With a turbocharged two liters four cylinder engine, Land Rover LR2 presents one of the few options for a car that is designed to resist impassable terrains. Although a small vehicle, the car is equipped with a Terrain Response feature that gives you the opportunity to dial in four wheel drives, engine and the transmissions options to overcome grounds filled with snow, mud, marbles and potholes. The small size of the car enables you to comfortable switch through sharp corners and tight space with so much flexibility. The 2015 Land rover LR2 comes with a superbly designed functionality to help you manage over eight inches of ground clearance and resist obstructions on the road. The car maintains strength and fuel efficiency with a 24 mpg2 and a command shift that enables you to change manually gear sequence and Sports mode.

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