14 More Great Sleeper Cars

IMG 7216Photo by Grant.C


3. 1998-2000 Ford SVT Contour

The Ford Contour was meant to be Ford’s global car, something that would sell well in markets across the world. The design was based on the European Mondeo. Unfortunately for Ford, the Contour never caught on and was discontinued. What made this car such a great sleeper was the SVT edition. The SVT model used a larger 2.5 liter Zetec V6 engine that produced 195 horsepower in the 1998 model, and was upped to an even 200 in the 1999-2000 models. The nondescript look of the Contour makes it look like any other boring sedan, something you might pick your kids up from school with, but the revisions to the suspension and transmission coupled with the larger engine made the Contour a sleeper in sheep’s clothing.


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