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14 of The Best Cars for Senior Citizens

As we age, decreased mobility, vision problems, slower physical reaction times, and in some cases, slower mental reaction times, make driving less safe. The smart safety features now available on many cars help compensate for these issues.

The 17 Best Sedans under $30k

The Audi A3 is one of the top sedans on the market today with a starting price under $30K. Despite the average price of a car going north of $30K, consumers can still find the A3 for a starting price just under this amount depending on where they live and go shopping.

15 Most Popular Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles, or more specifically hybrid-electric cars, have been the centre of debate since the first models made their debut back in the 1990s. Environmental activists advocated reduced emissions of greenhouse gases. On the other hand, critiques claimed that these cars were not really that cost-effective. Hybrid vehicles use two or more different power sources…