12 Used Luxury Cars You Can Afford



Porsche Cayenne S

Produced from 2002-2010, Cayenne was a surprise, not only for Porsche lovers. Some loved the idea of Porsche making a powerful SUV, whereas others hated its looks. The front resembled the “classical” Porsche style, which is exactly what some people hated about it. However, even they did not doubt the quality of this vehicle. The powerful eight-cilinder engine (340 PS), great acceleration (0-60 in 7 seconds), good visibility, as well as the comfortable interior, made this car loved worldwide. For some, it quickly became a dream car.

Indeed, Cayenne S, GTS, Turbo, and Turbo S, have become known not only as safe, reliable and powerful cars; they have also become the status symbol. The best thing is that they age well; you can get a ten-year old Cayenne that looks and sounds like it just left the factory. The price? You can find Cayennes at various prices, depending on the overall condition of the car, as well as the part of the world you live in. We managed to find a great Cayenne S (2006) priced at 17,000 USD.


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