15 Safe Small Cars



2. Chevrolet Volt

Chevy Volt Shines Brightly in Required Crash Testing

This year’s Chevy Volt wins a top-tier rating for safety from the IIHS, having gained excellent scores in the required crash testing. This car is offered with a specialized safety feature package and a three-year membership in OnStar, providing assistance for any road emergencies. Other conveniences offered by OnStar are auto-response for crashes, support for stolen automobiles and detailed navigation guidance for Chevy Volt owners while on the roadways. This model’s continuously variable transmission ensures a smooth ride and easy handling for drivers even in harsh weather conditions. The auto-downward-tilting mirrors provide ultimate road and traffic visibility for both daytime and night driving. With brake assist and rearview camera in place, you are well equipped to see and react to whatever unexpected road action you may encounter from other drivers. Some car shoppers question benefits of the Volt’s high windshield placement with strong backward slant. However, this design enables drivers to have full, wide road vision and less windshield glare when driving on bright, sunny days.

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