16 Most Popular Exotic Cars

Aston Martin Vulcan 01Photo by benoit.patelout


2. Aston Martin Vulcan Hypercar

Price: $2,300,000

The Aston Martin Vulcan Hypercar is an exotic car fan’s dream. The auto features a V12 track special engine rated at 800+ horsepower, 7.0 liter engine. The manufacturer designed the auto around a carbon fiber tub and uses a number of lightweight, exotic materials in the construction of the vehicle. The vehicle was first demoed by the company at the Le Mans 24 Hours race, and the focus of the design is to enhance performance on the track. The company includes a driver program that helps the owner maximize performance of the vehicle to include both instructional and technical support. The auto is rear wheel drive that uses an Xtrac six-speed gear box that is based on the Vantage GTE race car. The car is capable of achieving speeds in excess of 200 MPH.

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