10 Great Luxury Sedans

2013 Lexus LS 460 F Sport ...Photo by Automotive Rhythms


8. Lexus LS

When you mix European luxury and Japanese reliability, you get the Lexus LS. The LS460 comes equipped with a 386 horsepower V-8, while the pricier hybrid LS600h gets an electric motor added to the mix, boosting it to 438 horsepower. Rear wheel drive is the standard, with all-wheel drive an optional addition. Lexus also offer an LS F Sport, which has an upgraded suspension geared towards the sport car crowd, but the motor remains the standard LS460 motor. Heated leather seats cushion the driver and passengers as the LS cruises along, and the trim is appealing, though plain looking compared to other high end luxury vehicles. The suspension does its job perfectly, giving the occupants no indication that they are driving on anything other than a smooth road. The Lexus LS is sure to impress wherever it goes.


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